Dollins thin wall molding technology is second to none. With over 50 years of mold building experience for the packaging industry, we’ve been at the forefront of designing and building thin wall molds for many different industries. From single cavity prototypes to multi-cavity stack molds, from round to rectangular or square, Dollins has the technology and the know-how to manufacture the best tooling possible to help keep you competitive. For example, many of our customers are able to mold parts that are as thin as their competitors’ thermoformed parts.

Through research and development, we continue to invest in technological improvements for thin wall packaging. Dollins is dedicated to bringing our customers new product solutions and advanced molding technologies.


Dollins has been designing and manufacturing molds for IML systems for over 15 years. With this experience we are able to help customers launch new products into the consumer market.

For new product launches, Dollins designs pilot molds that emulate the production tool we have envisioned. This allow us to trouble shoot any issues that may arise during the trouble shooting phase.

Dollins offers complementary services for plastic part design and can also put you in touch with label and automation manufacturers.

  • Plastic Part Design
  • Pilot Mold Design
  • Production Mold Design
  • Mold Sampling with labels
  • Short Production Runs


Dollins has been in the forefront of the thin wall food packaging industry. Our years of experience designing and manufacturing molds for the food packaging market has led to industry leading developments in molding technology. Today, Dollins injection molds are responsible for some of the most popular containers found on store shelves throughout North America.

  • Stack molds – back to back
  • 3 Level Stack Mold Technology (patented)
  • DPX Series Hot Runner Systems


Medical and pharmaceutical products require high precision, quality and extremely high polish finishes, along with an extended tool life. At Dollins, we are very experienced in this field. We have been supplying the medical and pharmaceutical industries for many years. We can create the right solution for your tooling needs through one of our many mold-making technologies.


When it comes to more complex molds, customers appreciate our value added service of complete product design. With Dollins behind the part design, your molds run faster cycles with low maintenance and down time.

We utilize many of our different technologies such as IML systems and stack molds in order to keep pace with the latest trends in the housewares industry. No matter what type of creative houseware product you need to mold, Dollins can help you with your design and molding solutions.


With all the seasonal pot changes horticulture requires, our QPC systems are a perfect application for this market. Dollins has designed many different pots, nursery trays and hangers for this industry, meeting its rigors and demands. We have an extensive history helping our customers gain advantages over their competitors using several of our advanced mold technologies.


Whether it is round, rectangular or square, Dollins has the most innovative product designs to incorporate with your package. IML systems have been a big hit with the promotional industry and many of our customers have used our turnkey systems to meet these demands. Plus, we can optimize designs so your tool can run faster and more efficient.