A leading innovator of high performance mold technologies, Dollins provides 3D capabilities for product development, mold design, prototyping and production molds.Our mold technologies are leading the North American market in manufacturing molds that maximize productivity, reduce cycle times and are allowing our customers to reduce part costs. For new mold inquiries, click here.

Dollins thin wall packaging mold


From single cavity prototypes to multi cavity stack molds, from round to rectangular or square, Dollins has the technology and the know-how to manufacture the best tooling possible, giving you a competitive edge. We make it possible to mold parts that are as thin as your competition’s thermoformed parts.

These molds demand fast cycle times with aggressive L/T’s. Dollins solutions provide customer to compete with thermoformed products. We stand alone in precision machining and grinding techniques allows us to build high cavitation molds with high L/T’s.


Virtually double the production volumes of your existing molding equipment. Our stack molds can be used for a variety of applications, with many different configurations to help you achieve an optimum tooling solution.

Dollins designs stack molds in 2, 3 and 4 level configurations based on part design and also the customer’s annual volume requirements. Depending on existing mold designs, some molds can be converted from 2 to 3 to 4 levels as volumes increase.

Typically parts with a large projected area can be converted or built in a stack mold configuration, doubling the output of a given machine.


Dollins’ broad technological background and expertise in the packaging industry makes us an ideal supplier for your closure and lid tools. Quality and innovation throughout designing and manufacturing molds produce the most precise high cavity molds for your applications.


Choose from a wide range of hot runner systems, including our patented DPX Series high-efficiency nozzle components, in standard and custom design configurations. Ready stock is available from our large inventory of thermocouples, nozzle heaters, probe tips, housing and other standard components.

Out perform your competition the DPX Series nozzle component. Designed to meet today’s demanding production requirements, this nozzle assembly enables greater heat conductivity to the tip and improves overall molding efficiency.

  • Eliminates processing problems due to tips unscrewing
  • Maintain in-press serviceability
  • Replaceable tip design allows tips to be changed without disassembly of hot runner
  • Easily retrofitted for existing molds or designed into new molds


Extensive use of air ejection engineering minimizes witness lines and production costs in a variety of applications. For container and lid molds offering high speed and high durability, our thin-wall mold technology is unsurpassed.

These molds are the basic version of our types of molds. The size of these molds are driven by the machine requirements the customer has along with annual volume the customer needs.

At times it is possible to convert existing single face molds to stack molds. Dollins also has the capability to design a single face mold to be converted into a stack mold at a later time.


Drastically reduce downtime between mold changes with Dollins’ Quick Product Change technology. Pull core and cavity plates only, while the actual mold frame stays in the press so you can respond to customer demands by running various products and change out seasonal products with ease.


Mold Bases can be designed and built with either Dollins’ DPX Series or another supplier’s hot runner system. Our experiences in hot tip hot runners match, or exceed, those in the market for most resin applications in thin wall packaging: polypropylene and polyethylene.

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